Ninja Legends is coming to Oculus Quest in August!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch timing for Ninja Legends!

Ninja Legends with be available in Steam Early Access on July 11th, and will come to the Rift, Quest and Viveport stores in August!

We can’t wait for you to try our unique one v. many melee combat experience only possible in VR. Wielding katanas and empowered with mystical abilities, you must slice and bludgeon cooperative enemy swarms attacking from all angles in order to survive. The game will be available for $19.99.

In Ninja Legends, players slice through feudal Japan to recover the stolen Shadow Scrolls in order to prevent a dark age of chaos and destruction. As players recover the scrolls, they unlock shadow weapons and abilities that will help them fend off increasingly challenging enemy
swarms and tactics.

Key features of Ninja Legends:

  • Dynamic slicing: Strong strikes will cut enemies in half along the slice angle.
  • Powerful weapons and abilities: Katanas, Claws, Staff, Gauntlets, Naginata pair with Shadow Bow, Shadow Ropedart and more. Different loadouts result in dramatically different movements and strategies.
  • 18 beautiful settings featuring unique enemies and bosses: The picturesque frozen pond, the Zen bamboo forest, the dojo, the epic sunsets and more evoke the enchantment of feudal Japan.
  • Leaderboards and daily challenges: Players must learn the optimal loadout and combat style unique to each level and mode to be #1.

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